Vehicle crossovers, also known as 'dropped kerbs', allow vehicles to cross a pavement to access a property or off-street parking.

We build vehicle crossovers at the request of residents or businesses, if certain criteria are met. It is illegal to drive over a pavement without a proper vehicle crossover.

Apply for a vehicle crossover

Report an illegal crossover​

There is a charge for this service unless you are registered disabled, and you many need to get planning permission: see the Information Pack below for details.

Vehicle Crossover Information Pack - please read this carefully before making your application. The information pack contains:

  • criteria
  • appeals
  • paving your front garden
  • terms and conditions
  • costs and charges
  • planning permission

Road markings

We can paint a white bar on the road across the front of the crossover to draw attention to it. It is illegal to park across a dropped kerb without the owner's permission.

When you apply for a crossover we will ask you if you want a road marking. If you already have a crossover we can add a new road marking or repaint an old one.

Apply for a road marking

We charge £80 to paint a new marking, and £40 to repaint a marking.